Always Ultra Pads Normal With Wings 14's


XCD $12.95


Always Ultra Normal with Fins Size 1 14 Sanitary Napkins are sanitary napkins with a normal length with fins for a protection reinforced on the side and to keep the napkins. For normal flows to abundant.

The new sanitary napkins Always Ultra gives you a 100% protection during the menstruation with its unique technology of odor neutralisation, now more performant.

It results from an unique combination of benefits :

- A neutralisation of the odors reinforced for a freshness sensation which last many hours.

- A blue heart Ultra Absorbent which transforms the liquid into a gel to feel protected.

- A protective veil which is more soft than cotton to the touch.

- The SuperFit technology which keep the napkin in place.

- Protective contours Secureguard to help to keep the menstrual flow far away from the bord and to avoid the little accidents.

They are particularly adapted for light flows with a lingerie in size S and M and to medium flows with a lingerie of size S.

Dermatologically tested.

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