Pride & Groom Spot On Dogs

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Directions: Twist off cap, holding vial upright. Do not squeeze vial while opening. Squeeze vial to apply droplets to the dog’s skin starting at tail-base working up towards the neck, avoiding the eyes. Apply 2-3 additional droplets next to the armpits. AVOID applying to the fur and do not massage skin immediately after application. Apply entire contents of tube for the animals less than 10kg. For medium to larger sized dogs use two tubes.

One application will provide up to 4 weeks protection. To maintain protection, re-apply solution after 28 days. If your dog becomes excessively wet, it may be necessary to repeat application.

Pride & Groom Spot-On for Dogs should be used as part of an effective flea control programme, ensures carpet, soft furnishings and dog’s bedding are treated with suitable home flea treatment.

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