Stayfree Maxi Regular W/ Wings 18's

SKU: GH373

XCD $13.52


  • Ideal protection for medium to strong menstrual flow.
  • Four-wall protection with 18 anti-leak channels that help block leaks from front to rear and from side to side so you can worry less about leaks and focus on your day.
  • Incredibly soft cover for maximum comfort even during the heaviest days.
  • The fast-absorbing padded cover keeps the fluid away from your body so you feel as natural as possible.
  • Neutralize the smells so you can spend the day with confidence and without changing your routine.
Get maximum protection for moderate to heavy period flow. Soft, quick-absorbing material provides maximum comfort and all day freshness.
Stayfree pads are made to stay in place with a special shape that is designed to contour to a woman's body. Our adhesive gently secures the pad to panties to ensure a secure, no-shift fit. Focus on life, not leaks with four-wall protection against front-to-back and side-to-side leaks.

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