Classic Care Honey & Almond Shampoo 128 Fl oz

SKU: CS4204

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Classic Care Honey & Almond Shampoo 128 Fl oz

  • Formulated with a natural, unique herbal blend - Creates a fuller, more beautiful look for your pet's skin and coat. Great for pets with sensitive, dry, or itchy skin. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin and coat leaving your pet feeling silky soft while achieving a deep, powerful clean.
  • Honey and Almond Fragrance - Specially formulated to keep your pet smelling better, for longer. Our unique blend of shampoo is pH balanced for your pets skin and it a powerful deodorizer to eliminate stinky odors.
  • Makes 16 Gallons of Shampoo - 16:1 Concentration, can be diluted 16 parts waters to 1 part shampoo or used at full strength if desired.

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