Olbas Pastilles

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Olbas Pastilles

Lozenges are used in the symptomatic treatment of sore throat and hoarseness. As an auxiliary in cold disease, cough and runny nose.

Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years Suck 1 lozenge as needed. Do not exceed 8 lozenges per day.

Action: Dissolving in the mouth, the lozenges secrete essential oils that reduce congestion of the mucous membrane of the throat and nose, relieve sore throat, facilitating breathing. Clove oil also has antibacterial properties.

Side effects: Kidney disease, liver failure, pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Composition: 100 g of the product contains: clove oil 0.0025 g, eucalyptus oil 1.1600 g, juniper oil 0.0670 g, menthol 0.1000 g, peppermint oil 1.1200 g, methyl salicylate 0.0470 g.

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Why Olbas lozenges:

  • immediately clear the stuffy nose
  • quickly relieve sore throat
  • have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • have an effect confirmed by research
  • have a strong, minty taste

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