Apex Desktop Pill Oranizer


XCD $19.19


Desktop Pill Organizer is a compact way to store weekly medication in 4 times-a-day removable daily compartments.

The Desktop Pill Organizer takes up less space than a typical medication planner while still holding an entire weeks worth of pills and vitamins. Each daily compartment is removable and is imprinted with Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed for a four times-a-day medication regiment.

The Organizer also includes a see through lid to keep pills safe. Store a weekly 4 times-a-day medication regimen. Compact and easy to read storage compartments. Removable daily compartments to take on the go.


Regiment: 4 times-per-day
Product Weight: 6 oz. Product Dims (h x w x d): 3.5 inches x 4.75 inches x 5.75 inches
Package Weight: 0.38 pounds
Package Dims (h x w x d): 5.25 inches x 4.5 inches; x 3.5 inches

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